Gox7 Spider Web Series Mix
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Spider Web

Gox7 Spider Web

GOX7 Spider-webs special effect paint is a professional coating and high performance spray paint that can widely use for interior and exterior projects. It is a special effect spray paint, which emits paint in the foam of filaments or spider-webs like pattern, in the meanwhile does not completely cover the substrates surface.

This professional spray paint can be applied on all kind of substrate and materials such as plastic, metal, glass, porcelain, wood, paper cardboard, and any other paintable substrate and materials.

Features / Benefits
>    Unlimited color selection & design.
>    Creates a deceptively real marble & cobweb effect.
>    Your unique identity never be the same.
>    Easy-spray Technology.
>    Suitable for interior & exterior projects.
>    Acid-free

Direction Of Use

1. Always painting in a well-ventilated area, and ensures all surfaces free from dirt, dust, rust and grease thoroughly with GOX 7's Surface Cleaner & Degreaser Products.

2. Shake can vigorously for 2 minutes after mixing rattles.

3. Recommend test on a scrap piece of material so you can gauge how far from the substrate you should spray (and at which angle), to achieve the effect you want.

4. One or two passes over an area will provide a strong marbling result.

5. The further away you apply it the more it looks like marble texture. The closer you apply it the more it looks like spider web.

6. Apply with exaggerated wrist movement, to create more random marble effect.

7. It will be dust dry in 10 minutes, touch dry in 30 minutes, and at least 24 hours for curing time.

8. Once thoroughly dry, this product can also be top-coated with conventional spray paint color or finished with a protective varnish.
Turn the can upside down and spray briefly to clear the nozzle and valve after use.

Packing Size: 400ml per can